How To Bring Back Body Wave Hair: The Complete Guide

How to bring back body wave hair
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If you’re one of our customers, you’ll know our wigs and hair extensions are fully sourced from human hair. So, if we are dealing with human hair, there will be some dullness and loss of moisture after a certain time. 
Women all across the globe (who prefer wearing wigs) need a hair wig that is smooth, glossy, and long. However, the local weather and other factors can harm your hair and make it dry, tangled, and fall out. 
It can be tricky to take care of it. Many people say their body wave bundle hair loses its waves. This is a common problem.
Today, we will discuss why hair extensions lose lustre and how to bring back body wave hair to its original condition. Let’s get started, shall we?

First Off, Let’s Find Out Why Hair Extensions Become Dull

Sebum, a naturally occurring oil produced by your scalp, aids in keeping natural hair hydrated. However, natural oils are something that human hair wigs cannot provide, resulting in dry hair over time, even with proper care. Along with this fact, here are some common reasons behind dull hair extensions.

Chemical Treatments & Dyeing

One of the main reasons hair (natural or wig) loses nutrients is the use of harsh chemicals to style or colour it. Human hair extensions are often treated with harsh chemicals and dyeing processes to achieve different colours and textures. 
As a result, these treatments can damage the hair cuticles, making them more prone to breakage, tangling, and shedding. Moreover, the chemicals can strip the hair of its natural moisture and oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and dull. 

Bleaching & Heat Styling

Mostly for people with dark hair, stylists suggest first bleaching the hair of its natural dark colour to dye it with a lighter or different colour. Bleaching causes dark hair to lose most of its keratin molecules, which is required to keep it healthy. The damage is greater in dark hair than in naturally blonde hair because of the bleach. 
Plus, it becomes dehydrated when your hair is exposed to heat (from styling tools or just stepping out into the sun) without proper heat protection for long periods. Dry hair often results in split ends, breakage from the middle and overall dullness in appearance.

Damaged Cuticles

Hair is made of three layers. The innermost layer that is mostly alive and is connected directly to the skin is called the medulla. The medulla layer is covered with the cortex, which contains the hair oil and moisture layer from the follicles. Above all these sits a layer of dead hair cells called the cuticle. 
When washing your hair extensions, you mostly get rid of the outer part of the cuticle layer. When you have a damaged cuticle, the dead cell layer becomes uneven and can’t help the cortex layer hold moisture properly. This makes your hair dry and dull.

Hard Water/ Seawater/ Swimming Pools

A beach holiday flaunting your virgin body wave hair extensions sounds like the perfect getaway plan. However, if you splash seawater on your hair you cannot escape damage. 
Your hair extensions can suffer from seawater, hard water, and chlorine. They can make your hair extensions dry, damaged, or faded. You should avoid letting your body wave bundle hair touch water, which is not good for them. It can make them lose their strength and shine.

How To Bring Back Body Wave Hair To Its Original Quality?

Now, here’s a guide for you to bring back your hair extensions to life.
Step 1 – Feed it some oil
To bring back body wave hair, you need to hydrate it well. That’s why the first thing you should do is cover your wig with a moisturising product. We suggest using a natural oil on your human hair wig. It will help to replenish the moisture and make your wig soft and fragrant. You should let your chosen product soak into your wig for half an hour under a plastic cap.
Step 2 – Wash the virgin body wave hair extensions
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use conditioner like you would on your natural hair. The pre-wash oil should be thoroughly rinsed out. Remember to run the water in the same direction as the hair while washing to avoid tangling. After that, gently lather up your wig using a hydrating human hair wig shampoo.
Step 3 – Deep condition the body wave bundle hair
This is probably the most important step in today’s “how to bring back body wave hair” guide. Conditioner is crucial in providing your hair with the natural oils, minerals and moisture it lost during the shampoo step. Your body wave bundle hair needs some nourishment to lock the open cuticles into the deeper layers, so give it a good dose of conditioner. 
Apply the conditioner evenly using a wide-toothed comb brush or by rubbing hair care oil into your hair with the palm of your hand. Give the conditioner or hair oil a good 20 minutes to settle. Then wash thoroughly.
Step 4 – Dry the hair gently
Now, you need to dry the extensions. Here, you may prefer blow-drying the hair, as it happens quickly and is easy to do without making a mess. But you must remember the cuticles are open and will quickly get dehydrated if you blow-dry them in wet conditions. So, you need to dab it with a towel till the hair is semi-dry (dripping stops). After this, place it on a wig stand to air dry, as it is the safest method.

In A Nutshell

There you have it – our “how to bring back body wave hair” guide. Remember to use a deep conditioner every two weeks on your body wave human hair. It is important to give your body wave human hair the nutrition it needs to stay nourished and give you tangle and peel-free results.
As experts in hair extension processing, Queen Kiya Hair encourages all our readers to reach out to us in case they need any help with wigs or virgin body wave hair extensions. Call us today!
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