10 Best Winter Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

winter hair care

Are you suffering from extensive hair fall? Hair fall can depend on various factors, including season change, poor lifestyle, stress, unhealthy habits, hormones, and skin types. Does that stop us from styling our hair? The answer is “NO”. We have come to save you this season with the best winter hair care tips to prevent hair fall. Talking about hair fall, let’s find out why hair care is especially important in winter.

Why Is Winter Hair Care Important For You?

Winter comes with both pros and cons. While we engross ourselves with the celebration of Christmas and New Year, our skin and hair start grieving. Most of us suffer from skin dryness, chapped lips, flaky scalps, and intense hair fall. The reason behind this is unlike other seasons, winter lacks moisture in the air, making your scalp flakey and dry. As a result, your hair becomes rough and prone to breakage. 
You must follow a proper winter hair care routine to protect your hair. No matter what the season is, your hair should not stop slaying.

10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips For You

Having long and healthy hair is everyone’s dream. You, too, can achieve this without spending an arm and a leg. To keep your hair soft, shiny, hydrated, and strong, you can follow these 10 secret winter hair care tips.

1. Use Suitable Hair Oil To Moisturise Your Scalp

Your hair loses moisture in winter, resulting in dryness followed by dandruff, itchy scalp, irritation, flakiness and hair fall. A good hot oil massage session can fix this issue. Oils like coconut and almond oil will help to moisturise and nourish your scalp. Onion oil penetrates your scalp, reduces hair fall, and promotes hair growth. 
A proper massage of your hair with any suitable hair oil will improve blood circulation to the scalp and relax and nourish the hair follicles. 

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently

All of us have been there. We often make this mistake while taking care of our hair. Washing your hair is a good habit, but doing it frequently can cause damage. If you keep washing your hair with shampoo regularly, you will lose the natural moisture from your scalp. In this case, dandruff and flakes will form on your scalp.
To avoid such mistakes, try maintaining a routine of shampooing twice a week. Try to use sulphate and paraben-free shampoo to maintain your scalp’s health.

3. Apply Right Conditioner To Your Hair

Talking about winter hair care, one of the best habits is conditioning your hair correctly. It’s important to choose a cream conditioner with a thick consistency that contains oil. This will moisturise your hair follicles. Here is the proper way to condition your hair in winter. 
First, shampoo your hair thoroughly, and avoid overdoing it. Then, towel dry your hair and apply conditioner from the mid-length to the tips. Apply it gently on the tips to prevent split ends and dryness. Leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes, then rinse it with normal water.

4. Avoid Using Hair-Damaging Styling Tools

Your hair is easily breakable during winter, and using harsh styling tools will be no help. Styling tools reduce the natural moisture of your hair and damage your hair follicles. You can use some effective pre-heat serum to prevent damage, although we suggest not using it often.
You can opt for the alternative organic way to style your hair. For instance, you can get silicon hair styling tools to give it a natural finish. The good part is it neither requires heat nor damages your hair.

5. Include Conditioning Hair Mask In Your Hair Care Ritual

Winter hair care is not complete without a deep-conditioning hair mask to moisturise your hair. Your hair loses moisture very fast during winter. To prevent dryness and hair loss, you can use a mask with deep conditioning properties at least twice a month. It will moisturise your scalp as well as prevent flakiness and dandruff from forming on the same. 
You can also make a mask at home with natural ingredients like eggs. The white portion of an egg contains protein and can be used as a mask to give your hair a natural shine and moisturise your scalp.

6. Refrain From Going Out With Wet Hair And Use Microfiber Towels 

We do not have time to wait in this fast-paced society. Imagine washing your hair on a weekday when you are running late to work. Terrible, right? The most common mistake we make in such a situation is going outside without even drying hair properly. That is another reason why you lose too much hair. 
Various bacteria form on your scalp when you leave your hair wet. Use a microfiber towel, it absorbs the water quickly and is good for your hair. First, try to towel dry your hair. Then, apply a serum on your damp hair and blow dry it. You have to manage your time if you want to have healthy hair.

7. Safeguard Your Hair From Friction

Protecting your hair from static or friction is very hard, especially in winter. You have to wear layered outfits to protect your body from cold, but you are putting your hair at stake by doing so. Outfits like sweaters, scarves, jackets, and hoodies make your hair prone to friction and frizziness.
To avoid this, use a gentle hair brush containing boar and plastic bristles. Comb your hair gently. You can also use freeze-free hair wipes to prevent any kind of static or friction to your hair.

8. Say “No” To Hot Water

When it comes to winter hair care, using hot water to wash your hair is a big “No-No”. We know it is hard to wash your hair with cold or normal water in a freezing temperature but trust us, your hair will thank you. The hot water bath is really good for releasing stress, although you should avoid it when it comes to your hair. 
Hot water washes your hair’s natural moisture away and makes your scalp dry and flakey. You can still wash your hair with lukewarm water and finish off with cold or normal water.

9. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Hair trimming is essential for hair growth, yet we often skip this part. In winter, our hair becomes dry and frizzy, often resulting in split ends. To avoid such damage, you must trim your hair at least once a month depending on your hair length.
Trimming your hair also prevents hair breakage from wearing scarves or hats. It helps in regrowth and checks hair loss. You can also trim your hair at home by yourself.

10. Build A Healthy Eating Habit

Last but not least, maintain a healthy eating habit. You can follow all these tips and still not get the desired result if you don’t eat healthily. Maintaining a healthy diet in a world full of tempting junk foods is difficult. However, relying on healthy food habits is essential to have glowing skin and healthy long hair.
Junk food does no good to your health. Follow a balanced diet containing vegetables, good protein sources like meat, eggs, and fish and a decent amount of carbs. Trust us on this, a little sacrifice can be beneficial in the long run. 
Now that you know what to do, follow these essential winter hair care tips and enjoy good hair days throughout the season! Share these tips with your loved ones and friends to save them from a similar issue.
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